Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Checking In

Hey all,
I just wanted to apologize for going so long without an update. I will hopefully be back on track with at least a weekly update starting tomorrow. My absence has been because of some really awesome things happening in my life (more tomorrow). As tomorrow's post will be chock full of three weeks of pictures and progress notes of my plants, I wanted to do a smaller post today with some other updates. So here goes: 

  • First, I wanted to thank my friend, MilĂ©na (y'all should follow her on twitter here, for doing a little design refresh for my blog. My design sense is very utilitarian, so it is nice to have someone who knows what she is doing to freshen things up here.   
  • Second, the Bushwick Campus Farm where I am an apprentice is in the midst of a campaign to raise money to expand our Summer Youth Internship into the school year. If you can, you should contribute. Any amount makes a difference. You can find more information and a beautiful video here.   
Thats all for now, but check back tomorrow for a massive update.


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