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This page is dedicated to awesome resources that I have found.

Disclaimer - Instead of including fine print at the end, I want to include the information right at the top. The links that are noted with "*affiliate alert*" will take you to a page where you can get the resource and I will get a small kickback. This will not cost you anything extra. In keeping with the "self-sufficentish" lifestyle, I would honestly recommend that you first try to find the item for free ( or your local library), for cheap (yard sale, thrift stores, and or from a local independently owned store. However, if you are going to buy and buy online, going through these links would be awesome. You have my solemn promise to only list resources that I have found helpful and think would bring value to your life. I will never list anything that I have not tested. Thanks in advance for whatever you choose!

- Acquire Supplies -

- - Imagine craigslist where everything is free. You will need to create a yahoo account if you do not already have one to get the emails from your local group. I have received a composter, bread machine, and more from other members! A ninja tip for those looking for garden supplies/planters/soil/etc is to post a "wanted" ad in the fall after everyone is done gardening for the season or at the first of the year when a lot of people will be moving and want to get rid of as much stuff as possible. Also, is a good place to give away excess compost, worms, and seedlings/cuttings. As you can probably see, Im mildly obsessed with this site and community.

- Ask An Expert -

- - Website where you can find answers to your questions from experts in the field. If you dont see your question listed, then it is super easy to submit one to be answered. I have used this when I read something in a book that doesnt quite vibe with my experience

- Good Food in Brooklyn -
- (Disclosure, I apprentice at this farm, but was recommending their plants and produce before any official affiliations.) Check the website to find out about volunteer opportunities, support the growth of the program, or to sign up for a tour of our urban farm!

- Print Books-

- Organic Gardening by Geoff Hamilton (Revised - 2011) *affiliate link*

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