Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday Weekly Update 5 - Heat Wave Edition

Hey y'all,
So here is a long and overdo update. As many of y'all know, I am apprenticing with EcostationNY's Bushwick Campus Farm. One of Ecostation's really cool projects is our Farm in the Sky where we use a local rooftop to expand our mission and growing footprint. I have been asked to head up this project and I'm so excited to help take it to the next level. Unfortunately, it has been taking up more time than I imagined, so while I have been able to maintain my rooftop, but have not had as much time to update this blog. Slowly, and surely, I am ironing out a schedule which will allow me to continue to maintain all my commitments.
As I am three weeks behind on doing updates, so I wanted to do one big update. Im too lazy to do a full update on each container, so I wanted to note that I ended up doing a work day during "Week 4."

After a run to a local big box store, I had some extra soil to plant out some of my seedlings. Hoo ray. One more run and I should have all of the plants in the right container. I repotted one of the tomatoes and the Purple Mizunas. They are all growing right along schedule now. The only other major news is that in my French Herb Mix there was a mystery plant which was revealed to me to be a native grass, which was sucking up all the phosphorus in the soil. That was pulled and allowed to burn on the roof before going into my compost pile.

Next week, Ill be on vacation for (hopefully) the entire week unless NYC has another heat wave. Full update after the jump.

- Monti

Sweet Potatoes in DIY Container A

Week 3
Week 4
Week 5


Blue Corn, Alaska Peas, and Sugar Snap Peas in DIY Container B

Week 3
Week 4

Week 5
Close up on the squash being pollinated
I have my hand here to give yall some perspective.


Empty DIY Container C - Purple Passion Sweet Potatoes

Sunburst Sunflowers and Butterfly/Hummingbird Mix - DIY Container D





 Sunburst and Beneficial Bug Attractors in DIY Self-Watering Container 1





 Strawberries and German Chamomile




Individual Herb Containers - Lavender A




Individual Herb Containers - Lavender B

Individual Herb Containers - Rosemary

Mixed French Culinary Herbs

A Pepper Plant and Marigolds in DIY Self-Watering Container 2

Paul Robeson and Brandywine Tomatoes in DIY Self-Watering Container 3 and 4

Solo Purple Mizuna Plants (3) and Mint Plants (2)

Kale and Purple Mizuna in DIY Self-Watering Container 3


Mint Triage

Solo Sunflower

Various Plants Awaiting Planters


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