Thursday, May 23, 2013

My (hopefully not too) Ambitious Goals for This Site

  1. Garden Journal - It goes against just about every rule about blogging to focus on my needs instead of yours, but honestly this will be an awesome way for me to stay accountable in keeping my garden journal. Why keep a garden journal? Mainly, because my memory isnt quite as good as I think it is. There are times I put three different seeds in containers under the grow light and a week later when it germinates, Ive already honestly forgotten which is which unless I use a marker then Ive already forgotten. This goes for the garden, too. After getting tired of trying to remember where I bought the kale seeds that yielded the biggest harvest is hard, so making sure that I note that and the progress of each plant helps a lot when it is time to reorder. If you arent keeping your own garden journal, I cant recommend one enough!
  2. Promote Engagement with Gardeners of All Levels - Im a big believer in the idea that the best way to test if I know something is how well I can teach it to others. Using this logic, I want to share what I have learned along the way to help those of you who are looking to start your own garden...particularly one on the roof, on your fire escape, etc. More advanced gardeners will hopefully benefit with the pro tips that I include along the way. And just as importantly, will share some with me that will help with unforeseen pitfalls! Through sharing, I hope that we will all walk away better off than if we didnt. On that front, you can always reach me via
  3. Brutal Honesty - Often I have learned more from my failures than my successes, so I want to be brutally honest here to help myself and others. Hopefully, others will be able to avoid my pitfalls. It is also important for me to be honest about who I am and let my personality shine through (yes, I really do get this excited about everything in "real-life"). The only caveat here is to ensure that we stay focused on the relevant topics (ie no politics talk) and keep it save for kids (curses will hopefully all be edited out).
  4. Share Relevant Resources - I tend to be an information hoarder. Whenever Im interested in a new subject, I read EVERYTHING there is to read and then jump in. As such, I have a stack of 40 different books which I will share with yall. Hopefully, the tips and tricks in them will bring as much value to you as it has to me. Also, I want to showcase awesome things from around the web that have been of use for me.
  5. Reaping the Riches! - Well, not really. I dont plan on getting Zuckerburg money from this site. But, I know that if I am successful with these goals then there will be some small monetary benefit. This will not the be way that I will measure my success, but lets be honest I would love an extra income to plunge on expanding my garden into a true urban farm.
    Thanks for reading. And thanks for joining me on this journey! 
    - Monti

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