Wednesday, June 5, 2013

(Belated) Weekend Work Day Update

I was able to squeeze in another work day this weekend. First up was filling out the larger containers that I made a couple weeks ago. This planters were made out of large water barrels and were crazy easy to make. Ill include the instructions in my next update as this one was getting a little long.

Trip to Rose Red and Lavender

I should have taken a picture of the oasis that they have, but I was a bit focused on what I needed to buy. This place had (almost) everything that I was needing to buy. And they delivered to my building for $20!
Any place that offers tea made with freshly picked herbs from their garden and sweeten with honey from their bees is alright with me! If you are looking for plants, floral arrangements, or just a really helpful staff to help you with your garden, please check them out at - -

Work Day over the Weekend

Three bags of soil, styrofoam to use as filler, chicken manure, blood and bone meal. Obligatory glass of wine.
The delivery guy helped me get to the stuff to the roof, so we were able to do it all in one trip.The soil was added to the planters that I made earlier and I was able to plant out the sweet potatoes and fill up some of my other smaller containers. Ill do a final workday this weekend to finish planting out the vegetables and cross my fingers that everything matures before our first frost.

Next, came filling in the planters with some of the awesome soil and topping off with a little blood meal, bone meal, and fertilizer. After mixing it all in and heavy watering, we are ready to transplant the sweet potatoes.

Adding a little bone meal, blood meal, and fertilizer to my planters.

With that completed, I was able to focus on topping off the soil in some of the other containers and transplanting other plants. Then, it was time to relax with that glass of wine and the sunset. More to come later!

- Monti

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